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Cisco Headquarters, New York, NY



PoE technology combines Ethernet data/communications and power over a single CAT5/CAT6 network cable. It provides a low voltage infrastructure that facilitates building system sensors and equipment for a ubiquitous wiring approach throughout the building.

Mecho is the only PoE shade manufacturer to maximize the availability of 90W at the switch port and drive 2 independent motors from a single port. This in turn can lift up to 600 sqft of shade fabric from a single port.

1-2-3’S OF PoE


  1. PoE Infrastructure Supports Sustainability Goals With the increasing adoption of smart building design, sustainability, WELL Building Standards and LEED practices, the focus now is creating more intelligent systems and sustainability technology.
  2. Established Technology with Modern-Day Benefits PoE is not a new technology, being around for nearly 20 years. It is a safe, low voltage alternative to standard line voltage and easier to install. There are also LEED and carbon footprint benefits.
  3. Improved System Performance With its networking capabilities, a PoE system can power and automate multiple devices under one technology. to improve overall system performance.
  4. End User Control & Satisfaction End users can customize their own ecosystem where they can determine light and shade levels along with a host of other controls.
  1. Smart Buildings Improve Spaces PoE creates a digital ecosystem where optimization can improve the space and environment for users and new connected applications and services which deliver value to employees and customers.
  2. Get High Performance LEED/WELL Credits High performance buildings lead to benefits in energy, environment, health, and productivity. PoE systems integrate sensors, monitors, and reporting necessary for LEED/WELL verification.
  3. Offer the Building Amenities Your Customers Want You can have more advanced building automation, giving building occupants the control they want, for less using PoE.
  1. Simplified Cable Infrastructure PoE is becoming the de facto transmission and power medium for connected systems. Alongside power, PoE delivers two-way communication between networked devices making it even easier to get systems talking.
  2. Create a Magical Environment Shades raise or lower depending on lighting needs, temperature implications and personal preference. Overhead lighting and thermostats adjust accordingly. PoE links all these sub-systems and more so they talk together for a seamless automated experience.
  3. Increased Profitability PoE brings not only efficiency to your power distribution and communications, but also increased profits through less labor demand, quicker deployments and less complication.
  1. Satisfy Growing Interest in Smart Buildings Smart Buildings is the fastest growing segment of the new construction market driven by ownership demand. PoE is part of satisfying that demand.
  2. Be Part of an Emerging Market with Growth Potential There are no established industry leaders in the PoE market controlling its expansion which makes room for new players to participate in the rapid growth of the industry.
  3. Technology Attractive to Young Professionals PoE is Class 2 Power, so it is safe enough to touch and easy to train new installers on the technology.

PoE Shade Technology at the Cisco Headquarters in New York, NY


Gathers data and communications between all devices

Provides a foundation for interoperability across all devices

Increases efficiency throughout the building

Enables more cost-effective network infrastructure

Makes for healthier and more productive work environments

Lowers greenhouse gas emissions


PoE Controls | Traditional

Global standard Electricity varies by region

No risk of electrocution Risk of fire, electrocution, if done incorrectly

Power & control your connected devices with one cable Separate wiring and systems for power & controls

Shorter installation times Longer install times due to the need for two separate systems for power and controls

Data analytics Separate system for data transmission required

Reliable and scalable Wireless controls have issues of interference and can be unreliable or hard to scale

Maintenance with on-site IT staff or low-voltage providers Requires an electrician

Why Solar Shades


DC-Powered Motorized Shades

Motorized/automated shades (and the data plus functionality they bring) are a key contributor to PoE’s value proposition. DC motor technology available for motorized shades works well with the low voltage power infrastructure delivered by PoE, bringing further power efficiency to the building’s operation.

Natural Light

Solar shades are critical to managing the building’s access to natural light. Having shades on PoE provides convenient, integrated control capability with lighting and other devices over a common network

Optimized Automation

The full value of motorized shades is realized through automation, where shades can be moved without human intervention. Solar heat gain and daylight can be managed by the shades to deliver enhanced human performance and operating cost savings. In addition, the data provided by the shade network can help other building systems enhance their operation, allowing smart buildings to truly deliver optimized performance tailored to the specific building space and its users.

Mecho: the only choice

In Solar Shades

The Leader in Commercial Shading Solutions

Mecho has been the leader in the commercial shading industry for more than 50 years. Our passion is innovation and helping architects and designers achieve better performance for building occupants while improving design aesthetics.

Versatile Shade Automation Solutions

Mecho provides three tiers of automated shading systems to maximize daylight and energy savings. So regardless of project size, Mecho has the versatility to provide solutions to for a single room, individual floor or an entire building/campus.

SolarTrac Automated Shades

SolarTrac is Mecho’s state-of-the-art, scalable software solution for automated shades.

  • Patented algorithms uses ASHRAE models.
  • Proactive measuring of sky conditions for the total electromagnetic spectrum—not just visible light.
  • Provides critical data to the broader PoE system.
  • Open protocol approach enables integration into virtually any communications platform.


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